Thank you for your interest in donating your time and expertise to the YWCA of Lubbock!

With such variety of services, we can always use talented, dedicated volunteers to help our program run effectively and efficiently.

Fill out the contact form below if you are interested in volunteer/community service work.

Regular hours are Monday through Friday, 8-5.
Weekend hours and opportunities vary.
  • Leading games and/or activities at camp sites or in classrooms
  • Special even planning and organizing
  • Helping in the kitchen—we feed more than 200 children every day during the school year and more than 300 every day during the summer.
  • Working at the reception desk (good telephone/people skills needed)
  • Special projects
  • Individual or groups are welcome.
  • Background checks required.
  • Training is provided as needed.
  • No experience necessary.
  • Reliable means of transportation to and from work site.
  • Must be capable of walking long distances.
  • Show commitment to the mission of the YWCA of Lubbock, especially as related to customer service.
  • Implement duties in accordance with the philosophy, policies, and procedures of the YWCA of Lubbock.
  • Interact positively with all staff and customers of the YWCA of Lubbock; utilizing open and friendly communication with all persons in the YWCA system.
  • Contribute to a team approach with ideas, positive attitude, dependability, adherence to schedules, and flexibility.
  • Present a physical appearance that indicates personal pride and professionalism (i.e. jeans without holes; shirts with no obscene or profane language).
  • Hours worked at the YWCA of Lubbock may include, but are not limited to: maintaining cleanliness and sanitation of all facilities, including, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and restroom and locker room cleaning. Individuals may also help with office work & yard work. All work subject to availability.
  • Must schedule community service 24 hours in advance; weekend shifts are subject to availability and must be scheduled the Thursday prior.
  • Scheduling shifts is on the individual; those can be scheduled through Volunteer Coordinator or the direct supervisor, after individual is placed.
  • The YWCA supervisor has the authority to ask the individual to leave if he/she is not meeting expectations.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to bring and keep up with all paperwork.
  • If the individual cannot make the scheduled time for any reason, he/she must contact the supervisor immediately. Failure to do so may result in not being able to complete hours at the YWCA of Lubbock.