YWCA on University Ave.


Coming Soon: An Investment in Our Community's Future

6501 University Ave.

About the Project

The YWCA is embarking on a bold plan to build on its 60-year history in Lubbock and embrace the future with state-of-the-art classrooms and holistic, wraparound services for families and children. The project will allow the YWCA to renovate an abandoned "big box" store, consolidate operations for more efficiency and expanded services while providing ease of access for families and high visibility for the YWCA.

Our Mission:
Strengthen Our Community

Art & Music Classrooms, Meeting Spaces, Robotics & Legos, Computer Classes, Training Rooms, Outdoor Center

Inspire Our Children

State of the Art Classrooms, Indoor Play Spaces, Teen Support Center, Gymnastics & Dance Facilities, Outdoor Playgrounds

Encourage Health & Fitness

Women's Health & Career Center, Medical & Counseling Center, Demonstration Kitchen, Full Commercial Kitchen, Basketball Courts, Practice Gyms

Why should I pledge?

A broad base of pledge support, regardless of size of the donation, proves to grant committees and foundation review boards that the project is valued by the community.

Can I make a pledge over several years?

Yes. Ideally most pledges will be paid within three years. This allows individuals to make more generous contributions and gain appropriate acknowledgement for their role in the project.

Is my pledge tax deductible?

Yes, all pledges through the capital campaign are fully tax deductible. The YWCA of Lubbock will provide documentation of your pledge for tax preparation needs.

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About the Project