YWCA Mujeres de excelencia



La YWCA de Lubbock se enorgullece de contar con Mujeres de Excelencia como uno de sus proyectos anuales, reconociendo y honrando a las mujeres de nuestra comunidad que han logrado la excelencia en sus carreras o profesiones y cuyas contribuciones a los negocios, la industria, las organizaciones y la comunidad son cruciales para el éxito. de lo mismo.

Desde 1989, las ganadoras del premio Women of Excellence han estado inspirando a otros en Lubbock no solo con sus logros profesionales sino también con el trabajo que hacen para los demás. Al promover a las mujeres como líderes en Lubbock, la YWCA se esfuerza por empoderar a las mujeres y sus familias a fin de establecer sólidos modelos a seguir para las futuras generaciones de mujeres jóvenes.


Nominees must be women who have been residents of Lubbock or worked in Lubbock during the past year. A nominee may be resubmitted; however, previous recipients are not eligible. Additionally, nominees may not currently be serving as members of the YWCA Board of Directors or the YWCA Women of Excellence Committee.

The nominee should be a woman who has achieved excellence in her career or profession in at least one category of achievement:

  • Arte y cultura
  • Educación y religión
  • Gobierno y Servicios humanos
  • Ciencia y medicina
  • Business & Professional

    Career or profession is interpreted to mean paid employment in her field. Evaluations will be based on the quality of a candidate's achievements rather than the quantity of information submitted. Materials will not be returned.

    Selections will be made by the 2024 YWCA Women of Excellence Selection Committee, an anonymous and diverse group appointed from the community.

    Nomination forms must be submitted to the YWCA of Lubbock, 6501 University, Lubbock, TX 79413, on or before 5 p.m. on November 6th, 2023. Contact (806) 776-9508 with questions.

    The awards event will be in March of 2024. Visit ywcalubbock.org for updated ticket information in December 2024.

  • Nomination Form

    Women of Excellence Historical List



    Arts & Culture - Emily Wilkinson
    Education - Lisa Stane
    Government - Olivia Boggs
    Human Services - Traci Cheek
    Medicine - Jessica Gray, MD
    Professional - Murvat Musa
    Social Justice - Megan Estrada
    Youth Leadership - Gabriella Contreras Jane O. Burns Award - Nanette Deso


    Arts & Culture - Sandra Harris
    Business - Beth Bridges
    Education - Janice Magness
    Education - Comfort Awotwi Pratt, PhD
    Government - Katherine Wells
    Human Services - Dina Jeffries
    Social Justice - Elizabeth Sharp, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Ashby Whitaker Jane O. Burns Award - Lynn Sanderson Mary Nell Strong Award - Melinda Pharies


    Arts & Culture - Elizabeth Regner Grigsby
    Business - Stephanie Massengale
    Education - Dr. Patricia Frances Johnson
    Government - Norma Ritz Johnson
    Human Services - Katelynn Thompson
    Medical - Dr. Amy Thompson
    Professional - Laura Monroe
    Religion - Glenda Grigson
    Youth Leadership - Grace Feist


    Education - Wendy-Adele Humphrey
    Human Services - Jaime Wheeler
    Government - Judge Kara Darnell
    Medicine - Shirley McReynolds
    Professional - Michelle McCord
    Religion - Paige Allen
    Social Justice - Sellie Shine
    Youth Leadership - Sophie Goforth
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Latrelle Bright Joy


    Business - Melissa Collier
    Education - JoAnn Long, PhD
    Education - Karen Thornton
    Government - Annette Sobel, MD
    Medicine - Rebecca Geist
    Religion - Brandi Cantrell
    Science - Lisaann Gittner
    Social Justice - Melinda Garcia Schalow, MD
    Youth Leadership - Gabriella Ghandour
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Terri Duncan


    Arts & Culture - Jean Caslin
    Business - Linda Ferguson
    Education - Linda Donahue, PhD
    Government - Rebecca (Becky) Garza
    Medicine - Lindsay Penrose, PhD
    Professional - Carolyn F. Moore
    Religion - Shanna Hargrave
    Science - Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
    Social Justice - Aliza S. Wong, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Emilee Acevedo
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Kathy Gilbreath


    Arts & Culture - Michelle Kraft
    Business - Phebe Ellis-Roach
    Education - Anna Jackson
    Government - Ann-Marie Carruth
    Medicine - Sharmila Dissanaike, MD
    Professional - Kim Flenniken
    Science - Candace Bourland Hicks
    Youth Leadership - Madeleine Lipetska
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Evelyn Davies


    Arts & Culture - Janie Bush
    Business - Monica Hightower
    Education - Abigail Crawford
    Education - Berta Fogerson
    Government - Karen Gibson
    Professional - Ann Manning
    Religion - Emily Lemley
    Youth Leadership - Rhosean Asmah Jane O. Burns Award - Linda Greenstreet
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Sandi Turner


    Arts & Culture - Amy Faris
    Business - Suzanne Blake
    Education - Lisa S. Leach
    Government - Judge Drue Farmer
    Human Services - Lynda Loyce Dutton
    Medicine - Mimi Zumwalt MD
    Science - Michelle Pantoya, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Michelle Suzanne Staley
    Jane O. Burns Award - Gail Spivey
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Betty Shewbert Dotts


    Business - Alona Beesinger
    Education - Aretha Marbley PhD
    Human Services - Carolyn Simpson
    Medicine - Ariwan Rakvit M.D.
    Professional - Laura Vinson
    Religion - Holly Betenbough
    Science - Carolyn Perry
    Youth Leadership - Alejandra Estrada
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Lorrie Lushnat Bellair


    Arts & Culture - Mary Jones Saathoff, PhD
    Business - Nita Kiesling
    Education - Karen K. Garza, PhD
    Medicine - Marguerite Fallon, DNP, RN
    Professional - Nancy Tucker Sharp
    Science - Sindee L. Simon, PhD
    Special Achievement - Neoka Perez
    Youth Leadership - Kristen Michelle Alcorte
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Carolyn Taylor*


    Arts & Culture - Terri Caldwell
    Business - Diannah Tatum
    Education - Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter, PhD
    Human Services - Merinda K. Condra, JD
    Medicine - Lori Rice Spearman, PhD, MT, ASCP
    Professional - Emily Ratcliff
    Science - Louisa Hope-Weeks, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Michaela Hardin
    Mary Nell Strong Award - Christie Devitt


    Arts & Culture - Yvonne Racz Key Business - Aimee C. Doane
    Education - Kitty Harris Wilkes, PhD
    Government & Human Services - Beth Lawson
    Professional - Kelly Overley, PhD
    Science & Medicine - Kamlesh Varma, MD
    Youth Leadership - Sarah Jo Lambert
    Jane O. Burns Award - Kay Cross


    Arts & Culture - Bonnie J. Aycock
    Business - Billie J. Caviel
    Education & Religion - Grace Hernandez
    Government - Judge Nancy M. Koenig
    Human Services - Vickie Russell, LMSW
    Professional - Mary K. Crites, AIA,
    Science & Medicine - Betsy Goebel Jones, Ed.D.
    Youth Leadership - Jade C. Shank
    Special Achievement - Sharon Hyde Bass


    Arts & Culture - Louise Hopkins Underwood*
    Business - Margarita Olivárez
    Education & Religion - Mitzi Ziegner
    Government & Human Services - Catherine Lee Pope
    Medicine - Christina Esperat, RN, PhD, FAAN
    Professional - Stacie George*
    Science - Melinda Corwin, PhD, CCC-SLP
    Youth Leadership - Jennifer McGrew
    Special Achievement - Sally Kipyego


    Arts & Culture - LaWanda Sherrod Murfee*
    Business - SuzAnn Moore Kirby
    Education - Linda M. Brice, RN, PhD, FNP
    Government - Maria Elena Quintanilla
    Human Services - Kay Holder Sanford
    Medicine - Sharyn Ivory, FACHE, CPHQ
    Professional - Melisa Tatum Roberts
    Science - Pamela A. Eibeck, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Allison Rae Korinek


    Arts & Culture - Beth Pratt
    Business - Jan Thetford
    Education - Kathryn Kinnison Rollo
    Government - Adrienne Cozart
    Human Services - Kathy Stocco
    Professional, Beena Variyam
    Science - Cynthia Jumper, MD
    Youth Leadership - Nicole Mitchell
    Jane O. Burns Award - Mary Nell Strong*


    Arts & Culture - Margaret Vugrin
    Business - Linda Gaither
    Education - Linda Crawford Hoover, PhD
    Government & Human Services - Vernita Woods-Holmes
    Professional - Judith Henry, EdD
    Science & Medicine - Karen Baggerly, MSN, RN
    Youth Leadership - Marie Pfarr
    Jane O. Burns Award, Karen Worley
    Special Achievement - Rosa Hernández Sheets, PhD


    Arts & Culture - Conny McDonald Martin*
    Business - Margaret Williams
    Education & Religion - Nettie Edwards
    Government & Human Services - Danette Castle
    Professional - Renée Bergenheier Underwood
    Patti J. Patterson, M.D., Science & Medicine
    Youth Leadership - Sara Ellen McCunniff
    Special Achievement - Susan Ford Wiltshire, PhD


    Arts & Culture - Lugene Lane Pickering
    Business - Geneva B. Boren
    Education - Marilyn Phelan, JD
    Government - Elma S. Moreno
    Human Services - Gloria Snell Galey*
    Professional - Sara Stalcup McKee
    Science - Marianna Shubov, PhD
    Katie Megan Akeroyd, Youth Leadership


    Art - Toni Arnett
    Education - Margaret Brannon-Randle, MEd
    Government & Human Services - Trudy Putteet*
    Music - Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, PhD*
    Professional - Suzanne Adams Beck Liner, MD
    Religion - Rev. Stephanie Schreiner Nash
    Science & Medicine - Alexia E. Green, RN, PhD, FAAN
    Youth Leadership - Ashley Marie Cartwright
    Special Achievement - Sharon Young Prather


    Arts & Culture - Tina Fuentes
    Business - Kay Davis, Business
    Education - Lady Falls Brown, PhD
    Government & Human Services - Ione Heartsill
    Professional - Connie Wharton
    Science & Medicine - Donna Bacchi, MD, MPH
    Youth Leadership - Alana K. Noble
    Special Achievement - Joe Love Stogner Nelson


    Arts & Culture - Pat Maines
    Business - Maxine Willingham
    Education & Religion - Janie Landin Ramirez
    Government - Judge Judy Parker
    Human Services - Linda Suzan Lazarin Thomas
    Science & Medicine - Myrna L. Armstrong, EdD, RN, FAAN
    Youth Leadership - Lauren Griffin
    Jane O. Burns Award - Jane O. Burns, PhD
    Special Achievement - Windy Sitton


    Business - Jean Bledsoe Knight
    Education - JoAnn Leavey Shroyer, PhD
    Entrepreneur - Carolyn R. McDougal
    Government & Human Services - Shari Dorris Flynn
    Medicine - Jane Ann Tustin, R.N., MSN, CSN
    Professional - Brenda J. Becknell
    Science - Sunanda Mitra, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Brooke Chavez


    Business - Judy Wells Chisholm
    Education - Jan Berry Morris
    Government & Human Services - Patsy Landrum Whipple*
    Medicine - Catherine A. Ronaghan, MD, FACS
    Religion - Elizabeth Valentine Abraham
    Science - Beverly Chilton, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Meghan Paige Fleming
    Special Achievement - Burnis Marie Henderson


    Arts & Culture - Peggy Willis-Aarnio*
    Business - Diane Brown Earl
    Education - Dorothy Phea-Norville
    Government & Human Services - Leigh Keeney McPhaul
    Medicine - Annette Gary, RN, PhD
    Religion - Francina Johanna Proctor
    Science - Caryl E. Heintz, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Reagan Elyse Davis


    Arts & Culture - Ruth Jane Holmes, PhD
    Business - Phyllis Sullivan Jones-Beasley
    Education - Sherry Sancibrian
    Government & Human Services - Kathy Volanty, PhD
    Professional - Irasema Velasquez
    Religion - Marisue Pounders Smith
    Science & Medicine - Jitra Subpamongkol Anuras, MD
    Youth Leadership - Christy Michele Badgwell


    Arts & Culture - Karin Crider McCay
    Business - Nancy Jo Patton
    Education - Jane O. Burns, PhD
    Government & Human Services - Judge Paula Davis Lanehart
    Medicine - Patricia Yoder Wise, RN, EdD
    Professional - Paulina M. Jacobo, JD
    Science - Cassandra L. Henry
    Youth Leadership - Holli Nicole Douglass


    Arts & Culture - Billie Wolfe*
    Business - Betty L. Baker*
    Education & Religion - Tammy D. Barnes Fedynich
    Government & Human Services - Louise T. Cummins
    Professional - Louise Willson Arnold*
    Science & Medicine - Marian K. Solowy Myers, MD
    Youth Leadership - Shaili M. Khandheria
    Special Achievement - Norma E. Porres, MD*


    Arts & Culture - Suzanne Aker*
    Business - Lou Dunn Diekemper*
    Education & Religion - Jane L. Winer, PhD
    Government & Human Services - Gwendolyn Titus
    Professional - Nelda Thompson*
    Science & Medicine - Irene S. Wilson*
    Youth Leadership - Monica Baca
    Special Achievement - Sheryl Swoopes


    Arts & Culture - Sylvia Ashby
    Education & Religion - Mary Tom Riley O’Bar, EdD
    Government - Rita P. Harmon*
    Human Services - Barbara L. Sommerville*
    Medicine - Sandra Sabatini, PhD, MD
    Science - Susan Singer Hendrick, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Katherine Anne Lucas
    Special Achievement - Louise C. Allen*


    Arts & Culture - Elizabeth Skidmore Sasser, PhD*
    Business - Margaret Talkington*
    Education & Religion - Sister Maureen Van der Zee, CSJ*
    Government & Human Services - Carolyn Lanier
    Professional - Marjorie C. Kastman*
    Science & Medicine - Mary Grace Umlauf, RN, PhD*
    Youth Leadership - Kirsten Storin Doty
    Special Achievement - Marsha Sharp


    Arts & Culture - Betty J. Savage Mills*
    Education - Virginia M. Sowell, PhD*
    Government - Sylvia Martinez-Flores*
    Jane F. Goldthorn, MD, Medicine
    Religion - Reverend Jo Roberts Mann
    Science - Melanie Weed Barnes
    Youth Leadership - Michelle Leslie Erickson
    Special Achievement - Helen Wagner Willey*


    Arts & Culture - Palma Lancaster Smiley*
    Business - Ethel M. McLeod
    Education & Religion Shirley Anne Naile McManigal, PhD
    Medicine - Yondell Masten, RNC, PhD
    Science - Eilleen McAllister Johnson, PhD
    Youth Leadership - Alicia Boswell
    Special Achievement - Glenna Maxey Goodacre*


    Arts & Culture - Janeen Holmes Gilliam
    Education & Religion - Elizabeth G. Haley, PhD
    Government & Politics - Marilyn Jantz Dickey
    Professional - *Elizabeth Creson Sisco, JD*
    Science & Medicine - Teddy L. Langford, RN, PhD, CNAA
    Youth Leadership - Yumi Christina Koh
    Special Achievement - Kamie Ethridge