Women’s Health Initiative


Health & Cancer Screening

The Women’s Health initiative provides financial assistance for breast and cervical cancer screenings to uninsured and underinsured women and men who meet program guidelines. WHI serves more than 1,000 women annually with mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, biopsies and cervical cancer screenings. WHI also assists uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer with an application for Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer. WHI is the only Department of State Health Services Breast and Cervical Cancer Services (BCCS) program contractor in the South Plains.

Breast Cancer Patient Navigation

The YWCA’s Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Services enables breast cancer survivors to thrive and shine through the obstacles presented by breast cancer while encouraging, empowering, and supporting one another along the journey. Many of our services include identifying the needs of the patients and linking them to resources, survivor support groups, provide survivors with donated blessings, host special events/socials for survivors and publish information/written resources requested by survivors. We assist anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

WHI is made possible with the support of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, the Lubbock Area Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, the Lubbock Area United Way, and the CH Foundation. Our offices are located at The Legacy Event Center at 14th Street and Avenue O. You can reach us by calling 806-687-8858 or email at womenshealth@ywcalubbock.org. Our fax number is 806-784-0698.

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